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Jenn-Air Appliance Repair Pasadena

Jenn-Air Appliance Repair Pasadena

Jenn-Air Popular Kitchen Appliances Guide

Hire the best Jenn-Air appliance repair Pasadena services, and fix your appliances effortlessly. Jenn-Air is a Michigan based luxury kitchen appliances company renowned for their legendary cooktops, stylish refrigerators, rugged outdoor grills, sleek warming drawers, and high performance ventilation systems. The company was founded in the year 1947 by Louis Jenn and was subsequently bought by Maytag Corporation. Some of the best selling Jenn-Air kitchen appliances include the Electric Radiant Cooktop, French Door Refrigerator, Countertop Microwave Oven, and Accolade Downdraft Ventilation System.

The Electric Radiant Cooktop

The Electric Radiant Cooktop is a high end kitchen appliance that features a glass ceramic surface, five radiant elements, digital indicator lights, cast metal knobs, and advanced electronic sensors. The glass ceramic surface is very sleek, polished, and easy to clean. The radiant elements make use of multiple electronic sensors to adjust heat output and delivers uniform heating for precise cooking. It also comes with a high performance 1800W radiant element for fast cooking.

Consumers can buy this cooktop at bargain prices from a local Jenn-Air appliance repair  Pasadena store. This cooktop is also very flexible and can be installed over an electric oven. The electronic touch control feature makes cooking very simple and this cooktop is available in two finishes namely Floating Glass Black and Euro-Style Stainless finish. Smoking is a common problem faced by Electric Radiant Cooktop customers. Washing the cooktop with warm soapy water before use can fix this problem. The Electric Radiant Cooktop is a favorably priced kitchen appliance that is ideal for small families.

Jenn-Air French Door Refrigerator

The French Door Refrigerator is a fully integrated luxury refrigerator that can be customized according to the needs of the customer. Some of the features include multiple door bins, twenty five inch custom cabinetry, covered lights, and advanced temperature management system. Customers can configure the space inside the refrigerator according to their requirements with the help of four manually adjustable door bins. The custom cabinetry allows users to organize the space efficiently and the covered light enhances the appearance of the refrigerator’s interior. Call a nearby Jenn-Air appliance repair South Pasadena store if you need additional accessories.

The innovative temperature management system uses electronic sensors to control temperature, pressure, and freezer environment for effective food preservation. It has a refrigerator capacity of 16 Cu. Ft and a freezer capacity of 5.9 Cu. Ft. The French Door Refrigerator comes in multiple sizes and available in three finishes namely Custom Panel, Pro-Style Stainless, and Euro-Style Stainless.

A common problem with Jenn-Air French Door Refrigerator is that it runs too warm. Replacing the damper will fix this problem. French Door Refrigerators are ideal for both single family homes and small shops.

Jenn-Air Countertop Microwave Oven

The Jenn-Air Countertop Microwave Oven is a must have for every home. Compact design, spacious interiors, auto sensor cooking, one-touch start, multiple power levels, electronic touch controls, and double stage memory programming are some of the best features of this appliance. The intelligent sensor embedded in the microwave automatically detects the relative humidity and consumes optimum power for every dish. This not only saves power but also brings down cooking time. Don’t forget to purchase this Countertop Microwave Oven from a Jenn-Air appliance repair Pasadena store.

A trim kit is required to install this microwave on the wall. The oven capacity is 1.6 Cu. Ft and can accommodate a wide range of cookware sizes. Customers can program two different cooking cycles at the same time thanks to the double stage memory programming feature. Buzzing noise from the microwave oven is a common problem faced by Jenn-Air customers. This can be easily fixed by replacing the magnetron.

Jenn-Air Accolade Downdraft

The Accolade Downdraft is a high performance ventilation system that silently clears unwanted vapors from the kitchen. Magnetic filter lock, automatic shutoff, LED lighting, curved downdraft design, remote control, aluminium mesh filters, indicator lights, exterior venting, premium craftsmanship, 19 inch hood, and concealed controls are some of the features of this appliance. It comes with a 1200 CFM blower that captures cooking odours effectively and delivers superior ventilation performance without compromising on cost.

The blower has a 7.5 Sone Rating and can ventilate vapors from all types of cooktops. There are four different fan speed settings to control the ventilation power. Installing this device is quick and easy thanks to the versatile ducting options. Cleaning the aluminum mesh filters regularly not only keeps the ductwork tidy but also helps maintain exceptional ventilation performance. Always buy Jenn-Air products from trustworthy dealers and get them serviced at a local appliance repair South Pasadena store for optimum performance and long life.

Jenn-Air | Appliances Electrical Services takes great pride in servicing Jenn-Air appliances, creators of the first self-ventilated cooktop in 1961. The company is known for its precision craftsmanship, distinctive styling and technological leadership. We service Jenn-Air’s duct-free downdraft cooktops, ranges, ovens, stoves,  built-in refrigerators and the complete line of Jenn-Air products in Greater Los Angeles, CA. If you own Jenn-Air appliances, you need not look further than AES for expert same-day service. Call us (800) 520-7044 or (818) 487-2555. We offer 25% DISCOUNT on any Jenn-Air appliance repair service for our first time customers!

We are trained in repair and service of the following Jenn-Air appliances (https://www.jennair.com):

  • Jenn-Air Single-wall Oven
  • Jenn-Air Double-wall Oven
  • Jenn-Air Cooktop
  • Jenn-Air Range top
  • Jenn-Air Range
  • Jenn-Air Microwave
  • Jenn-Air Warming Drawer
  • Jenn-Air Refrigerator
  • Jenn-Air Dishwasher
  • Jenn-Air Compactor

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