Kenmore Appliance Repair

Kenmore | Appliances Electrical Services is factory-trained in servicing the Kenmore product line. First sold at Sears back in the day, Kenmore household appliances primarily produced for Sears, are also sold at Orchard Supply Hardware, The Great Indoors and Kmart. An American household staple, Kenmore sold its first washing machine in 1927 and started selling vacuum cleaners in the 1930s. AESI services all Kenmore appliances from the first models to its current upscale Elite line as well as its line of professional appliances, Kenmore Pro.

AES is factory-trained in repair and installation of the following Kennmore appliances (

  • Kenmore washing machines
  • Kenmore dryers
  • Kenmore dishwashers
  • Kenmore BBQ grills
  • Kenmore refrigerators
  • Kenmore stoves
  • Kenmore cook tops
  • Kenmore water heaters

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