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June 7, 2012

Dryer repair HoustonNothing is more annoying than putting in clothes to dry before you go to sleep and waking up in the morning to a wet mess of smelly clothes. Then, in the rush of the morning you assume that it is your fault. You must have set the wrong drying cycle and your try again with rewashed clothes only to find that you are out of dry socks and you have no more time left to fiddle with your dryer. You set your dryer to high, go to work, convinced that when you get home, all you will have to do is fluff and fold. No go. You come home and the clothes are still damp. This is where Appliances Electrical Services comes in. Specialists in state-of-the-art dryer repair in Houston with factory-trained technicians servicing all major brands of dryers, AES can often offer a same-day appointment to its customers.

Dryer repair is no small feat and can be hazardous to a lay repair person, no matter how skilled in other forms of mechanical repair. We take extra care and precaution when delaing with vinyl vent ducts that, although is being phased out, still represent a fire hazard too many Houston homes. From LG to Whirlpool, Appliances Electrical Services is Texas most respected dryer repair service.

We encourage customers to call us early. We know that it is human nature to ward off dryer repair until it is absolutely necessary. Appliances Electrical Services can easily assess minor problems well before they become major and extended the life of your dryer and other appliances. At AES transparency is the best policy. Before we do any work to you dryer, our expert technician will first explain the underlying problem and then discuss all possible dryer repair solutions – and even replacement – if your dryer is beyond repair.

Here are common field complaints as reported by our technicians. You know it is time to call your local Houston’s appliance technician if you experience any of these dryer issues:

  • You smell a burning odor coming from your LG dryer
  • Your Whirlpool dryer over or under heats
  • Your Miele Dryer takes multiply drying cycles to dry your clothes
  • You cannot reset a digital display or you get an error message
  • Digital display prints gibberish
  • Your Bosch dryer no longer tumbles
  • You hear squeaking rubber noises
  • Your clothing comes out with strange brown spots
  • Your clothing comes out dirty
  • Your Samsung dryer stops mid-cycle
  • Asko Dryer doors cannot stay closed

As general operating procedure, we replace vinyl vent ducts with safer aluminum ventilation. Appliances Electrical Services dryer repair technicians are factory-trained and qualified to repair all major and most specialty brands, strictly adhering to local codes and other safety guidelines.

Appliances Electrical Services is one quick phone call away and often offers same-day service call by a factory-trained dryer repair technician who can immediately fix your malfunctioning gas or electric dryer. Don’t wait. Just like it is good practice to see your dentist at the first hint of a toothache, it is also a smart practice to call us when you notice first symptoms of an ailing appliance. Unfortunately, the longer you wait the more complex and expensive a dryer repair problem can become. Often, our appliance technicians report that most often what is needed is a simple recalibration or minor repair; however, your dryer is a tricky electro-mechanical device that requires a technician with specific factor training to work on each specific brand of appliance.
We are proudly servicing all types and brands of dryers in Houston, TX and surrounding cities:

  • Asko
  • Bosch
  • GE
  • Frigidaire
  • Miele
  • Maytag
  • Electrolux
  • LG
  • Hotpoint
  • Jenn-Air
  • Fisher and Paykel
  • Whirlpool
  • Sears
  • Kitchen Aid
  • Kenmore
  • Samsung

And all other brands of dryers!

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As part of our regular service, AES appliance repair technician checks wires, thermostats, and general machinery of your gas or electric dryer to preventatively address any other potential problems. Just as you change the oil in your car and give it regular maintenance, so you should protect your dryer to save money and extend its life. At AES we know that in this difficult economy, most Houston residents want to repair their dryers and other appliances rather than endure the high cost of replacement. Not only does this make good money sense, it is also the best possible thing you can do for the environment.

We know that as a consumer, you have the opportunity to choose from many Houston’s companies. At Appliances Electrical Services, we are confident that you will find our prices highly competitive, our dryer service the best in its class and our references among the highest in our service sector.

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